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About Us

We are a corner market in Collinwood, Cleveland, Ohio
bringing locally-sourced fresh produce, groceries
dry goods and sundries to the inner city.


Siggy's Village Fresh Food Market is part of the Siggy's Village collaborative project which involves CAMHP Foundation, and CAMHP (The Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice) Ohio.

Facilities and Works

Siggy's Village administers the best of nonprofit work, with a retail store front, gardens and workshops, providing vocational training and day activities for individuals with special needs in Cleveland, Ohio (Collinwood Neighborhood). Neighborhood rehabilitation includes turning vacant lots and buildings into verdant spaces and functional business enterprises.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address poverty and inner city food deserts and support neighborhood and individual economic independence and stability.

Our Services

We are working hard to bring the best produce, grocery, dry goods, sundries and artisanal products to the Collinwood neighborhood.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we may better serve the community

Accessible Neighborhood Location

Siggy's Village Market is located at 15416 Saranac Road, Collinwood, Cleveland, Ohio
on bus routes and adjacent to East 152nd street and Interstate 90.

Fresh Produce

Locally grown in Siggy's Village gardens as well as other locally-sourced farmers.

Fresh milk, eggs and other essential grocery items.

All locally-sourced suppliers; helping to support the Cleveland community. You can even purchase farm fresh eggs produced by the famous "Red-Headed Chicks of Collinwood" (Siggys's Village's own egg-laying hens). These chickens help area youth and vocational students learn about animal husbandry and agriculture right here in the city.

Dry Goods and Sundries.

From grocery items, to paper goods and toiletries, we aim to keep you supplied without having to stray from the neighborhood.

Artisanal products.

From products produced from our locally-grown lavender and honey to offerings from local farmers, bakers and craftsmen, we aim to keep new and interesting items available to Collinwood and Cleveland-area communities.

"Peoples' Village" is the artisan area of our market. It contains fresh, healhy, environment-friendly soaps, lotions, and oils created by our talented vocational training students. Honey and lavender plants are grown at our properties and products derived from them are made fresh at our facilities.

Culinary sauces, and jams are made from crops grown in Siggy's Village garden. Knitted boutique items and seasonal clothing are also crafted. A percentage of these seasonal items are given to Siggy's Village visitors who are in need during that time.

Commercial Kitchen (Business Incubator)

Siggy's Village Market's Commercial Kitchen allows for the creation of fresh baked goods made available to the Collinwood community. The kitchen is also used for vocational training and is made available to selected local entrepreneurs to help defray costs of business start-up.

Grocery Delivery

For registered members, prompt delivery of your grocery order is available through Siggy's Village Market delivery trucks.

Paypal and EBT payments

Easy payment methods: EBT and Paypal (Paypal account or major credit cards) are accepted at Siggy's Village Market.


We are diverse, enthusiastic, dedicated to bringing quality fresh produce and products to our inner city neighborhood.

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